Esports and the NFT – Synergies

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Paulo Lopes

Paulo Lopes

Paulo Alexandre Lopes is the General Manager of oddsgate. He will share with you the latest content about the Sports Metaverse industry in a series of new articles called "From the CEO Desk".

NFTs are still one of the speediest areas in the blockchain ecosystem. Esports is a rapidly rising segment of the gaming industry. The gaming sector is booming right now, and it continues to expand without slowing down. With a $200 billion market and more than 3 billion gamers globally. Video game developers are seizing the opportunity to combine two popular phenomena in the mainstream sphere: gaming and non-financial transactions.

In today’s world, some of the largerst gaming studios create video games to sell to their target audiences, then create an in-game ecosystem to attract players to spend money on products. Crypto NFT-based games are the opposite of this theory. Gamers can control the game and purchase the game economy, potentially earning millions of dollars.

Football,  as a powerful industry with the highest fan engagement rate, didn’t waited that much to catch the NFT fever. Platforms like the French Startup Sorare are connected with more than 215 clubs and thousands of players.,

This essay will look at some of the opportunities available just at the junction of such movements, as well as some of the legal challenges that may arise.

What are Esports and NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of digital asset that may be used to buy your favorite digital products. NFTs convert digital artworks and other collectibles into one-of-a-kind, traceable resources that are easy to sell on the blockchain in their most basic form. Digital artwork, movies, audio files, and, most recently, game components fall under this category.

ESports, on the other hand, refers to the world of organized, competitive video gaming. Players from various leagues or squads fight together in popular at-home games like Fortnite, LoL, Overwatch, CS:GO, Call of Duty, and Madden NFL. Whether they attend live performances, watch them on TV, or follow them online, legions of supporters observe and follow these gamers from across the world.

NFTs have been utilized in eSports to verify the ownership of various outfits, prizes, highlight videos, and contest footage. NBA Best Shot is currently one of the most famous NFT online markets.

Legal issues in esports NFTs

The most serious legal issue with NFTs is indeed the breadth of assets that it represents. An NFT frequently denotes permission to a sample of digital technology associated with the NFT, although the basic rights remain with the copyright holder.

In esports, licensing rights are more problematic. Inside this world of esports, there are various entities with significant rights. The game’s creator, and also clubs, clubs, gamers, tournament organizers, and others, could be included. Anyone wishing to construct an esports-based NFT should ensure that they have obtained the majority of the necessary permits from the appropriate entities.

NFTs in esports gaming

In-game NFTs have become a lightning rod in the video game industry in the span of just 2 weeks. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are in-game assets with blockchain-verified ownership, which is a new phenomenon in gameplay.

According to a recent survey conducted by eSportsinsider, 63% of gamers would be willing to pay extra on eSports shares and their favourite clubs if the assets had more real-world value. It also gives an avenue for eSports to grow.

Cryptocurrency traders betting and trading NFTs upon eSports tournaments such as the CS Major or the League of Legends World Championships might have a significant impact on the industry’s business reach.

Unfortunately, but, the main source of concern is the safety issues that have plagued most NFTs. Many eSports fans are concerned that the continued use of NFTs would contaminate the eSports business with scams and frauds that will rob most gamers of their money or artwork with no protection on their end.

Substantiation of in-game assets

The verification of in-game property, in-game transactions, gaming milestones, features, tournaments, and prizes is also one of the potential implementations of NFTs in esports. Previously, in-game purchases could only be traded or transferred inside the purchaser’s gaming environment; there was no method to exchange or exchange these assets with other gamers.

You can use NFTs to verify the ownership of in-game transactions, making them transportable and marketable in the same manner that collectibles are. Similarly, far beyond tournament or e-sport events, NFTs protect and prolong the utility of gaming badges, souvenirs, and prizes.

Best NFT Games

Considering you already have a solid grasp of NFTs, let’s see which esports organizations have joined the NFT hype train. Due to the large number of organizations that are now constructing their own customized NFTs, we will be picking the leading companies in gaming at arbitrary.

  1. G2 Esports
  2. Fnatic
  3. Virtus. pro
  4. EVOS Esports
  5. NRG Esports

People have been getting on the crypto craze because of the high returns they ensure in reality. NFT online games are a fairly new phenomenon, and folks have also been jumping on the crypto craze because of the decent profits they guarantee in the real world. It’s more expensive because of scarcity, verified ownership, and the process of transferring the assets to some other participant.


Several NFT games have already been scheduled for release in 2022. As a result, someone who is presently in this space has an advantage. It eliminates the intermediaries and moves us one step closer to destiny.

It will be worth noting how professional players, as well as additional esports organizations, game developers, event planners, and anybody else with rights to the material, begin offering NFTs or other blockchain-linked resources in esports and competitive gaming.

Keep in mind that oddsgate, already showcases thousands of Esports events, and we are preparing a revolutionary seamless wallet, where operators can connect their wallets in a totally new way. Stay tuned.