How Big Is the Esports Industry in India?

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Paulo Lopes

Paulo Lopes

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Younger generation’s preferences towards gambling and esports are overwhelming.

Esports in India and India in esports- both are equally new to each other. A few years ago esports was a foreign name in India, and the people who knew about esports treated it like a fancy word for a small niche. Times have changed, and esports is now one of the fastest-growing industries in India boasting the huge potential of a mostly untapped market force.

When you ask about the top names of the esports industry, you will probably hear names like China, Korea, the USA, or maybe Japan sometimes. India may not be among the names you think of when you think about the leaders of the esports industry, but it is a force to be reckoned with considering how it changed the numbers in this scene, right along with Brazil.

If you want to learn more about the esports industry of India and how the betting industry (esports gambling and metaverse gambling mostly) contributes to it, keep reading below!

What Is Esports?

Esports, in simple words, is competitive gaming. It is a scenario where players all around the globe join and compete against others for an ultimate price. The prize can vary, but the most usual form of it is money.

Think about the European or world championship for any other sports. Regions have their leagues, local players compete against each other for the championship and the winner represents the region in the global tournament. Esports works the same way, the only difference being the scope of playing as a single player.

Esports In India

India isn’t an old name in the esports industry. The first introduction of esports in India was probably sometime around 2018 when games like clash of kings started gaining popularity. The industry was overlooked even after that but when PUBG mobile was introduced in the market, the numbers started to jump and a breakthrough happened.

The Indian esports industry is mostly based on mobile gaming. Let’s see how this breakthrough changed the gaming and the gambling industry.

The Esports Scene Of India

1.    Esports Participation

The esports industry has gone through a big growth pretty recently, especially during the pandemic. The engagement in esports can be split into two sections- the players and the viewers.

2.    The Esports Players

Esports started making its way to India back in 2010. As expected, the numbers were not in a good shape considering the potential. In 2010, the total number of game developers in the country was around 25 barely. But even with that rookie numbers, Indian players made it to the global championships semi-regularly.

Because of the high price of electronic goods in the market and the lack of availability across the country, PC gaming was the only door of esports which limited the opportunity among upper-middle-class and upper-class income groups. But with smartphones being available and smartphone gaming becoming popular, the number of active participants has increased by a big margin with the current number of game developers being 60k (estimated).

Another notable fact is the participation of women in esports. In earlier days the industry was very much male-dominated, but women have made their way through and are engaging in esports more with all-girls teams like VLT Asteria being a leading name in the industry.

With the numbers like this already, the number of esports players is estimated to hit 1.5 million and the number of game developers is estimated to hit 250k within 2025, and women are estimated to make up 30% of that number.

a.    The Game Viewers         

Like other countries, India saw a bigger spike in the number of viewers too. A popular esports championship sky sports Valorant League recorded a 200% increase in viewer number during the final match of the tournament in 2021 with the number being 8 million.

Casual esports viewing seems to be very popular in India too. Esports star Mortal has a fanbase of 6 million people on YouTube, and his videos rake up to 15 million views per video. This is just one example; there are multiple other esports players with a similar number of following and views.

b.    The Revenues Of Esports

India is among the top 5 big names of the esports industry currently. Even though there is no confirmed revenue of the Indian esports industry so far, its ranking 16th among the global esports industry indicates revenue of more than $1 billion.

The current numbers don’t do justice to this huge scene. The esports industry currently boasts 17 million viewers and 14 broadcast platforms, but the number is supposed to increase 4x by 2025. An estimated 1.5 million players, more than 20 broadcast platforms, and 85 million viewers will be leading the esports industry within 2025. The total revenue has been estimated to be $1.17 billion for the same timeframe, compared to the USA’s $409 million.

Most of the revenue will be coming from media and broadcast rights (as you can probably guess), but brand advertising will be an important source of the revenue too. Another important source will be the betting industry with the esports industry opening up a new section of that market.

The prize pool is another indicator of the growth with its 180% growth to $1.5 million in 2019, which is estimated to quadruple in the coming years.

3.    Esports Sponsorship

With the increasing popularity and the climbing numbers in revenue, it hasn’t taken long for investors to realize the untapped potential of this market. Sponsors like Vivo, Oppo, Alibaba, and Paytm now sponsors esports tournaments pretty regularly and the number is estimated to increase in the next four years.


The esports industry in India is huge, and it is still going through its phase of growth. Most of the potential of this market is still untapped, but it will be interesting to see its growth in future years.

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